Foodshed Nashville provides the innovative solutions that entrepreneurs and small businesses need in order to expand the Nashville community's access to healthy, delicious and responsibly sourced food. 

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What is a Foodshed?

A foodshed is the geographical area that supplies a population with food. Like a watershed, a foodshed encompasses the flow of substance from origin to final destination.  At Foodshed Nashville, we believe that the health of our regional foodshed is determined by three main factors:

  1. Accessibility 
  2. Community awareness
  3. Investment in the production of quality products

The expansion and promotion of these key pillars can take a diversity of shapes. From cooking and nutrition classes for low income residents, to acceleration for tech-driven food start-ups, to business consulting and development for small farmers, strengthening Nashville's foodshed happens by educating and empowering the individuals who rely on it.

The Challenge, The Opportunity:    

Our food system is broken. Tennessee now has the fourth highest adult obesity rate in the nation, and that number is only rising.

Structurally, there is little support for the food innovators of the future here in the Southeast. However, there is a new generation of farmers, food enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with a vision to create sustainable change.  Foodshed Nashville seeks to provide structural support for food innovators of the New Economy.

About Us:

Foodshed Nashville is a venture investment in the leaders of the future. By developing and accelerating the entrepreneurial energy of the food movement, Foodshed Nashville seeks to redefine the regional food system and deliver a spectrum of projects to local investors who want to make lasting impact.

Our value comes from creatively connecting people. Our accelerator and consulting services are designed to ally interested institutions with the change-makers of the sustainable food movement. Our product is the facilitation of growth for rising expressions of holistic food and health in the Nashville area.